Do You Have Enough Courage to Be an Entrepreneur?

In this blog article let’s talk about the importance of having enough courage in order to become an entrepreneur.

Whatever you are a Coach, a Content Creator or a Professional, I really suggest you to become an entrepreneur. If you are an entrepreneur make sure to become a very good one. Let me explain you why.

If you see yourself just as a Coach or Content Creator you will tend to exchange your time for money and you will automatically set a limit to your growth.

80% of Coaches and Content Creators they simply work as freelancers and therefore they are not entrepreneurs. They simply sell their services to other people and therefore we can say the’e more like consultants.

So even if you have started your own business, this doesn’t mean you are an entrepreneur.

An entrepreneur is a person who organises and manages a business undertaking, assuming the risk for the sake of generating a profit.

Don’t be scare about the myths about entrepreneurship.

The first myth is really very common and it is related the belief that you’re born an entrepreneur and if you’re not born one, then you can’t do it. Well trust me there are a lot of people out there that started their business when they were older or after being employees for a long time

Another common myth is that you need to be very smart and talented to be an entrepreneur. The fact is not all entrepreneurs are very intelligent or talented, but are successful.

There are other key elements that are more important such as: Confidence, Perseverance and Work Ethic.

Another common myth about entrepreneurship is that you need to have a lot of money. In fact you can start a very small business and if you want to become a Coach or a Content Creator chances are that you need very little money to start.

What about the other myth that says you need to be really lucky. The truth is that entrepreneurs make their own luck by being perseverant.

Why do I encourage you to become an entrepreneur? The main reason is that you can make more money and you can be completely free meaning you can set the life you really want for yourself. You can free up your time and find better solution to make money doing what you want when you like.

But what are the common personality traits you need to develop to become a very good entrepreneur?

First of all you have to understand that everyone can be an entrepreneur. So don’t be discouraged.

Let’s see what I think are a few traits that you see in entrepreneurs and that you can develop with practice and and a little time:
1. Confident. Trust me it’s way easier to sell something if you believe in it and in yourself 
2. Gregarious. It makes it easier to connect with people and find partners, investors, suppliers and employees 
3. Action Oriented. they're more likely to go out and try ideas rather than sit on them for years 
4. They are able to wait if instead of having a little reward today, they can have a bigger reward tomorrow.

Don’t worry you don’t need to have all these traits. Furthermore you can develop them with practice.

But what is the most important trait of all?
Entrepreneurs they are willing to take calculated risk if there are chances to succeed. At the same time they are very good at calculating risk and avoid them whenever possible.

But what is another important element regarding the opportunity to become an entrepreneur?

We are talking about the entrepreneurial mindset. You can evaluate your entrepreneurial mindset once you see what is your perspective about the future.

You have 4 options.
1 Your perspective about the future can be Defined. In this case you have a decent idea of what’s going to happen. You can quite easily plan for the future. You can predict where we're going to be.

2 Your perspective about the future can be Undefined. In this case the future is confusing and chaotic. You have no idea how the future's going to look like 

3 Your perspective about the future can be Optimistic. In this case you think that good things are going to happen in the future.

4. Your perspective about the future can be Pessimistic. You think everything will get worse in the future.

As you can imagine entrepreneurs tend to be optimistic and defined. This means they have a general idea about the future, and they like where it's going. They're sure they will find opportunities to make money in the future 

Are you ready to be more optimistic and to see more opportunities than obstacles? If so you are ready to become an entrepreneur.

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