The Power of a Well Optimised Instagram Account

Is your Instagram Account well optimised?

Let me explain why a fully optimised Instagram profile can really make a difference.

What do you need to know to grow on Instagram? Let’s first see why you should define your Instagram Growth Strategy. Maybe you have a business already or you are thinking to launch your own brand new business. In both cases Instagram is one of the most effective marketing tool. You can reach your specific audience or your ideal clients super fast if you know what to do and you do it properly. Unfortunately too many entrepreneurs and businesses still have not understood the power of Instagram and they leave a lot of money on the table in missing opportunities, sales and revenues.

Do you already have an Instagram Business Account? Is it set in such a way that your Ideal Client can find you easily and understand who you are, your offer and what problem they have you can solve?

If not there is some work to do. If you are expecting to get results just publishing random posts or a few stories you are far away to get any results in terms of business growth.

Things start changing with Instagram when you treat your Instagram Business Profile as part of your business.

Instagram is so important and you have to treat it as an asset for your business growth.

Instagram nowadays is as important as your website, our shop or your office. 
For this reason you have to set your Instagram properly from the very beginning. If you have not paid enough attention to your existing Instagram Business Profile you’re still in time to change and improve it to make it work for your needs and goals.

Let’s see what are the key elements of your Instagram Profile.

Here they are:
Your username which is also called Instagram handle is the name of your profile. 

Your name which is another important key factor to help people to find you when they search specific keywords on instagram.

Your Bio that is the place where you describe who you are, what you do, who is your target audience, what problem you solve and how.

The Call to Action where you have one or a multiple URL link to send your visitors where you want them. It can be your offer. A giveaway, a landing page, etc.

Your Profile picture where you can add your picture or your logo.

Your Feed where you have all your posts already published.

Your Highlights where you can display more permanent content divided per category or subject.

Nowadays you also have more feature like Reels that in essence are short permanent videos where you can display attractive or informal but engaging content to be watched easily and quickly. 

You also have Guides where you can have post of yours or other content creators divided per category with title and subtitle in order to make super easy for your visitors to find something they want easier and faster.

Last, but not least you have your stories where your followers and visitors can see other content which only lasts only 15 seconds can be pictures, videos etc. This help people that already follow you to be engaged with what you do, the behind the scenes, other informal, but engaging content that tells more about you, your brand, what you do, etc.

All this variety of content and the possibility to have in different formats like pictures, captions, audios, videos, etc, makes super easy and fast to grab the attention of your target audience.
Isn’t that much more effective than having a static website with no or just little interaction with your audience?

If you compare your Instagram profile with a website or a blog you see immediately how Instagram is hundreds times more effective and versatile. Don’t you agree?

Actually you can now sell your products or other people products directly on Instagram. Your target audience or simply visitors can book calls or sessions with you directly from the Instagram App, they can oder food if you are a restaurant, book an appointment, buy or give someone a gift card that allows them to have your service or products already prepaid. You can get your appointment automatically scheduled in your agenda for you and the payments already collected for you too. Isn’t all that just amazing?

What I like the most about Instagram is that new opportunities and features come out constantly to make our business running easier and smoothly. The problem is that most of entrepreneurs, coaches, content creators and professionals still do not know about all these awesome possibilities and literally leave a lot of money on the table. Isn’t that crazy.

I am here to help you to take advantage of all you can do once you start implementing the right mindset and the right Instagram strategies.

It may take some time, but No worries my purpose here is to inspire, educate and help you to make your business grows as much as possible.

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