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The main goal of my Blog is to share with you a lot knowledge, skills and expertise on how to scale your business.

In some articles I will focus more on what you can do to develop the right mindset and approach to start, turn around or develop your business. What you will learn here is applicable for any business even though my target audience consists mainly in Coaches, Content Creators and Entrepreneurs.

In some articles my focus will be more on my passion which is Instagram and how you can use this incredible platform at your best. I am going to share with you the most effective techniques, strategies, hacks and tricks to build a strong community, to attract your target audience and to turn your followers into clients and ambassador for your products, services and brands.

Business as you may have noticed last year changed and evolved more rapidly than ever. Covid-19 has generated incredible changes that has forced nearly every entrepreneur to adapt to the new habits and ways to do things both in life and business.

In this article I want to focus on a few changes that you can see in your Instagram profile if, like I think, you have one already.

Facebook to respond to the big changes due the Social Distance has worked very hard to launch new features to help businesses in this unexpected situation.

Let’s see what you can do right now right away from your Instagram Profile without the need to get access to other apps or your website.

Do you know that you can set up and open Your Shop on Instagram? You can easily Add a shop to your Instagram Profile and showcase your products in a customisable storefront on your Instagram Profile. Isn’t that amazing? But this is just the surface of the Iceberg. Maybe you don’t have products to sell.

Let’s say that you are a Coach, no matter your niche, and you want to make super easy for your target audience and your clients to schedule a free session or a paid session with you from the app. This is now possible. Once someone book a session with you the session will be scheduled automatically in your calendar, and if it is a paid session the amount of money you have decided will be collected too. This is now not only possible, but really easy to do with a few clicks. Isn’t that amazing? And it takes just a minute or soo to make it work from Instagram. 

You can do even more. From the Instagram App you can add a Gift Card so that anyone can get a Gift Card and give to their friends and they can get your services. This is awesome, isn’t it?

You can order food as well and this mean that a Restaurant or any shop that sells food can simply get the orders and the payments from the App and simply prepare and deliver the food.

You can also book anything you want included your hair cut to the saloon you prefer if of they use these Instagram futures already . You can also reserve a space for a gathering, a meeting or whatever you want. There is no limit to what you can do. Everything is already implemented for you you just to set up which functions you want to use and it takes less than a couple of minutes and once is done you don’t even need to think about.

Whilst someone is still skeptical if Instagram can be useful to grow his business their competitors are taking advantage of the incredible futures inside the Instagram App. Trust me, this is just the very beginning.

Not using Instagram for your business is like to decide to reduce dramatically the potential of your business growth on purpose. The fact is that your competitors will take advantage of it and they will start providing their services and products to your customers that already use these features.

Do you really want to put yourself and your business in this situation? I hope you are smart enough to start thinking how to cover the gap and see what to do immediately to take advantage of Instagram to make your business grow faster than you have ever imagined.

There is another Feature that you really need to consider and start to use it right now. I am talking about the Instagram Guides. This feature is really amazing because it allows you to organise your content. You can create catalogs divided per categories and your audience once they visit your profile they can simply look at something in particular they like or they are interested and instead of getting crazy scrolling your feed to try to see if there is some post that match their interests, they can simply find what they are looking for in your guides. Furthermore in your guides you can add titles and subtitles to make the research even easier and you can add posts created by other content creators as well. Isn’t that cool?

Now the question is: How much is you Instagram Optimised? How well are you using your Instagram Profile to build your authority? Are you using Instagram the right way to attract more people in target, more clients and last but not least more sales?

No worries my purpose with my Blog is to inspire, educate and help you to make your business grows as much as possible.

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